How To Receive Google Adsense Payments To PayPal

People have been asking about how to receive Google Adsense payments to their PayPal accounts. The truth is Google does not support Adsense payments to PayPal, moreover, PayPal is an online payment processor and not a Bank.

Google however, has several payment options for their Adsense publishers, about 3 options are available.
These are

• Bank Transfer

• Cheque

• Western Union

In certain countries where Google finds it difficult to initiate Bank transfers, they prefer to offer Western Union Payments instead. The cheque payment option take longer to deliver to your address if you live outside of the USA and Europe. It also takes days to clear into your Bank account after submitting to your Bank to cash out.

How to receive Adsense payments to your PayPal

This may be a long process to do but it can work for you for whatever reason you prefer to receive Adsense payment to PayPal. Take note however, that this process will incur various service charges which by the end of the day the money that reaches your PayPal account will be reduced.

The best option is to use a virtual Bank Account provider. In the UK and USA especially these are very common. Virtual Bank Account providers such as Payoneer can provide you with a Bank Account and in some cases prepaid Mastercard. The service is available in over 50 countries.

What you need to do is to register the Bank Account details you received from the virtual Bank provider as your payment option in Google Adsense. Next step is to register the Mastercard in your PayPal account. In this way you can make payments from PayPal with the Mastercard without a problem. When you receive the Google Adsense payment to the virtual bank account, you can then transfer to your PayPal account or make purchases with PayPal which will be charged to the Mastercard.

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