Best credit cards hack Trick

Best credit card hacks
This is a cheat trick to pay credit card bills:
Most of us uses credit card for our day to day payments.

When credit card bill comes and that is more than what we can afford for the month. So by this trick you can move your bill(full or partial) to the next bill cycle.

Suppose on 15th of the month your bill generated as 6000 and your last date to pay bill is 30th of the month. But you can only afford to pay 4000 only due to some money crunch in the current month.

So , Go ahead and pay 4000 from your budget . Remaining 2000(Outstanding)

For the Rest outstanding do this:

As your last day of bill is 30th , So purchase something from online website(Amazon) worth 2000 , place your order . Lets say on 20th of the month. So this purchase will go into the next bill cycle.

Now cancel the above purchase you just have made. and VOILA, Amazon will credit the amount in your account( 2000) and your bill has been paid.

Now you can pay the remaining 2000 in your next bill.

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