How to block websites on Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools2. Click Internet Options3. Click on the Content tab4. Click the Enable button5. Click on the Approved Sites tab6. Type the website address you want to block in the box, for example, YouTube7. Click Never and then OK8. In the appeared window type and confirm your new password9. […]

5000+ SQL Injection DORK List 2018

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13 Websites To Hack Easily

websites to hack easily Ahmed Zaid   13 Websites To Hack Easily…   I’ve got 13 websites to hack easily 13 Websites to hack easily I’ve got 13 websites to hack easily Just log in to them with: [HIDE-THANKS]Login: ‘or”=’ Pass: ‘or”=’ [/HIDE-THANKS] List of the websites: Code: […]