Hack trick to See Password behind black dots

See password behind black dots ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
I’ve known this trick for over ten years. It used to be extremely powerful, but now, due to two step authentication, it’s not as powerful as it once was (which is a good thing, I guess). Anyway, at least for any websites that don’t use a two step authentication, here’s how you can steal anyone’s password.

First, as long as your friend forgets to delete password from his cookies, you can do this.

This is obviously a test site used to demonstrate this. I’m not going to use my real account logins and password to show you guys. Anyway, for the record, the password for this account is password1234

Next, right click inspect element on the password box

You should now be viewing the page’s html code. Note the type=password

Now, change it so that it says type=”text”

Click anywhere on the web page. It will now display your password. Since most people reuse the same password on different login pages, you might have essentially gotten their password into all of their accounts! Thank goodness a lot of sites nowadays require a two factor authentication if it detects you signing in from an unusual location, but many sites still don’t do this, and ten years ago, I don’t think any sites used two factor authentication (meaning at the time I learned this trick, this was one of the most powerful hacking method for someone who is not skilled in actual cracking)

See password behind black dots

OMG, I’m such a haxorz!

I used a test website for this, but I’ve confirmed this on Amazon, Facebook, etc. Use this tip responsibly. I’ve never used it to steal my friends’ passwords, but I do try to tell as many people as possible about this tip so that they can protect themselves.
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