how to monetize a youtube video

how to monetize a youtube video

how to monetize a youtube video

What you need:

• 1000+ subscribers

• 4000+ hours of watch time in the last 12 months

• Original content that pleases YouTube (means, nothing controversial. No politics, no sex, no guns, no drugs, no rants, no pranks, no dangerous activities and and and)

• Time (YouTube can take many months to decide if they want to monetize your channel or not)

It is hard these days.

This may a little discouraging but I will give you an encouraging tip as well.

Think this way – if there is any area where you don’t have much competition, probably that’s a less often used space and if it’s a less searched area by people, even advertisers will be less. If advertisers are less or willing to pay less, you income will also less. So I dint think there is any area where you can easily monetize.

But my suggestion is, don’t look at what there’s already there on YouTube. There will be ton of videos on every topic. Instead start a channel where you have expertise and target very specific subject. YouTube will automatically start promoting your videos.

Make sure you follow simple and basic optimisation techniques. Also you have to be consistent with videos at least for 2 to 3 years to get a good income. Don’t drop the ball in the middle.

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Hope this helps

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