How can I mine 1 Ether per day

It depends on your graphic card and budget. Assuming you can afford using a :

RADEON R9 295X2 – Radeon R9 295X2 | eBay (approximately $600 USD per GPU)

  • It has a hash rate of approximately 46 MH/s and uses approximately 470W at it’s peak per hour.

And by using a Ethereum mining calculator,

Mining Calculator Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero

  • EDIT: Current price of 1 ETH is priced at = 325 USD
  • 1 ETH would require 31 Radeon R9 295 X2 GPU’s (31 x 600 = 18,600 USD)
  • 1 ETH would cost 14,570W of power every hour at peak performance (Depending on your country or state electricity cost i will just multiply it by 0.12 per KW/h therefore 14570 * 0.12 = 1.7484 * 24 hours = 41.9616 USD per day)
  • Your initial investment of 18000 USD would be returned in 18000 USD / [(325–41.96) USD/day] = 63,6 days. After that you could earn up to 325–41.96 = 283,04 USD/day as long as your hardware does not fail. Assuming your hardware lives during 2 years this would allow you to earn 283,04 USD/day * 656,4 days = 185 787 USD in two years for an initial investment of 18000. That means 1000% return in 2 years!! Or a yearly return on investment of 316%.
  • If you can invest on only one GPU (for 600 USD) then you would also obtain a yearly return of investment of 316 %. In that case you would earn 325–41.96 = 283,04 USD/month after the initial period of 63,6 days to recover your initial investment.
  • Beware that this calculation does not account for risks and other costs. This seems, however, a good way for those who have a partially used GPU for other purposes to recover their initial investment and more.

Alternatively you could just use the amount to buy ETH and hold it in a hardware wallet and wait for it to appreciate in value. Hope this help!

EDIT: Updated the price of 1 ETH as of this writing

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