Shortcuts in using a computer

Some Shortcuts in using a computer
First of all, I want to tell you that these are related to windows.

Windows+digits- It’s work on taskbar navigation, suppose you have 5 application on the taskbar and you want to third one then you can simply press windows+3 it will open the third application.

Windows+E- If you press this key it will open your file explorer, it is a very useful shortcut, it helps for very very quick access.

ctrl+shift+t- Very useful shortcut for reopening the closed tab in your browser.

alt+tab- To move between the available application & windows.

Windows+bottom arrow- Minimize the active window to the taskbar.

Windows+up arrow- Maximize the active window.

windows+i- For open the setting.

windows+k- For open the device pane.

windows+p- Display option for the second screen.

windows+x- Quick link menu.

windows+r- For open the run dialog box.

windows+l- For lock the desktop.

windows+m- Minimize all window.

windows+a- Action center.

windows+tab- See the task view.

ctrl+c- For copy a folder or file.

ctrl+v- For paste copied folder or file.

ctrl+x- For cut the file and folder.

alt+F4- For close a tab or window.

alt+tab- Switch between apps.

Now here are some of the basic shortcut related to a text editor or such a these of applications-

ctrl+b- For bold the text.

ctrl+i- For Italicized the text.

ctrl+u- For underline text.

ctrl+shift+d- For double underline.

ctrl+f- It is used to find a particular text in a document.

ctrl+h- It is used to replace a text.

These were some shortcuts which every windows user should know. I hope it’s will be helpful to you.
Any kind of help just comment bellow or contact the Admin of this website, we will glad to help you Thanks!

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