Trick for increase facebook page like

Trick for increase facebook page likes
Not works now a days because security reasons. Just follow these steps these will help a lot to increase your page genuine likes.

1. Just invite your friends & tag your post with your friends on their wall.
2. Just ask your friends to like & invite their friends.
3. Join in some related facebook groups & regularly you have to post your page posts in that groups. (Join Groups it has min above 10k members)
4. When you publish your post add some page related tags.
5. Ask some page admins to share your posts on their pages.
6. Conduct some Contests Include Calls-to-Action.
7. Publish posts on viral & trending topics it’s help to reach more people.
8. Create some fake profiles (Girls profiles easily & fastly get req. ) & after reaching its 5000 friends convert that profiles into pages & after that merge all pages to one main page. Do same process with other 2 id and make Facebook page with same name **. **Once you have done this ,merge all three pages into one . So in 3 to 4 days you will have 15000 fans page without spending a dollars on ad.

Hope it will helpful to you guys…

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