How to block a website using Hosts file

The location of the hosts file depends on your operation system. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts Note! Make a backup of the hosts file and put it somewhere safe, in case you mess up. 1. Open the hosts file using Notepad or other plain text editor.2. Find the line localhost3. To block, […]

How To Create Facebook Phishing Android Application (No Coding Needed)

In this tutorial i’m going to explain how to make an android application with facebook phishing method, so you can get the username and password of each person who login to facebook using this app. This app is actually looks like real facebook app with real facebook icon so victim can’t find out whether it’s […]

Special Hacking techniques to Hack a Facebook Account

Special Hacking techniques to Hack a Facebook Account (Special Hacking Post) Today i will give u fb hacking tutorial We can hack fb account by the following 4 ways :- 1. Tabnapping 2. Phising 3. Keylogging 4. 3 Friend Trick Lets Start 1. Hack Facebook Account by Tab Napping Method :- Tab Napping: Tab Napping […]