Detect Script-Kiddie Wi-Fi Jamming with Wireshark

Wi-Fi Jamming with Wireshark Due to weaknesses in the way Wi-Fi works, it’s extremely easy to disrupt most Wi-Fi networks using tools that forge deauthentication packets. The ease with which these common tools can jam networks is only matched by how simple they are to detect for anyone listening for them. We’ll use Wireshark to […]

Hack trick to See Password behind black dots

See password behind black dots ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ I’ve known this trick for over ten years. It used to be extremely powerful, but now, due to two step authentication, it’s not as powerful as it once was (which is a good thing, I guess). Anyway, at least for any websites that don’t use a two step authentication, […]

what is hacking?

Lecture_1 Hello guys! as I already posted that I will start posting so its the first post so lets start 🙂 This is our first lecture of basics what is hacking? Basically, hacking is a technique which a person use to find bugs loopholes and vulnerabilities in a technology related thing it could be a […]

How do you prevent your laptop from being hacked?

There are lot of ways with you can prevent your laptop from being hacked, antivirus is most powerfull to prvent and there are free antivirus software’s available in the market. Try to install it in your laptop so that you can avoid it from hacking. Here are the best free antivirus for laptops: Comodo Free […]

New list for hacked credit cards with CVV

List for hacked credit cards blow is just for educational purposes please don’t miss use it..! If you card with us its your responsibility after you in trouble… thanks aproved!! 5.00$ – 376766968891004 07/20 3218 Akbar Khan Akbar Khan 9 Talcott Forest Road9 Talcott Forest Road Farmington Connecticut 06032 UNITED STATES 8608854591 4147097829514787 003 […]

List of hacked credit cards 2019

Hacked credit cards just for education purpose… We are not responsible for any thing…! List is blow👇👇 [    {        “CreditCard”: {            “IssuingNetwork”: “Master Card”,            “CardNumber”: “5311481255842457”,            “Name”: “Elijah Adams”,            “Address”: “Forest […]

11 Tricks to Increase Firefox Speed

1. Type about:config in the address bar and then press Enter. 2. In the filter search bar type network.http.pipelining. Be sure the value field is set true,if not double-click to set true. HTTP is the application-layer protocol that most web pages are transferred with. In HTTP 1.1, multiple requests can be sent before any responses […]

Resetting windows password using Ubuntu Live CD or DVD/USB

Steps to reset forgotten the Windows administrator password: 1. Insert Ubuntu Live CD and boot from it.2. Open terminal and install chntpw in Ubuntu. To do so use the following commands.sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install chntpw3. Now mount your Windows volume. In my case it was dev/sda1. Replace it with yours.sudo mkdir /media/WINDOWSsudo mount /dev/sda1 […]