Inject Payload in any file

Inject Payload in any file In this article, I will show you how to inject a payloads of .exe into other files. Hope it will bring you a useful knowledge. Hello friends…If you want to learn something, you will have to work veryhard for it. Can not learn any work easily. Computer itself is very […]

Detect Script-Kiddie Wi-Fi Jamming with Wireshark

Wi-Fi Jamming with Wireshark Due to weaknesses in the way Wi-Fi works, it’s extremely easy to disrupt most Wi-Fi networks using tools that forge deauthentication packets. The ease with which these common tools can jam networks is only matched by how simple they are to detect for anyone listening for them. We’ll use Wireshark to […]

How to make Phishing with Termux on android?

Phishing with Termux How to make Phishing with Termux Application? In this article we are trying to Explain Step by Step how phishing works?. NOTE:  This article is only for an Educational purpose. Any actions or activities related to the material contained on this Website is solely your responsibility.  Misuse of the information in this website […]

how to monetize a youtube video

how to monetize a youtube video

how to monetize a youtube video What you need: • 1000+ subscribers • 4000+ hours of watch time in the last 12 months • Original content that pleases YouTube (means, nothing controversial. No politics, no sex, no guns, no drugs, no rants, no pranks, no dangerous activities and and and) • Time (YouTube can take many months to […]

Make A Web View Application in 7 Mins. | Sketchware | Incredible Tricks

In this tutorial am going to show you how to make A Web View Application in few minutes without codding in Sketchware. You can convert your website or mobile site into an app very easily. It doesn’t need any programming language or any investment. The only thing you need is an Android mobile and Sketchware App. […]