How to Hack a PC with Only IP Address

How to Hack a PC with Only IP Address

Hacking is a general termthat refers to accesssomeone’s computer without permission or interestAlthough hacking is not difficult to imagine,any hacker can not losetoday to learn all their time,how to hackbut some websites that you know how to hack Any Today we bring you as someone withonly the computer by its IPaddress hack 

What you need:

* The IP address of the victim.

* TelnetIt is integrated into Windows command.You it be by going to the Control Panel, Add> Add SoftwareWindows Components

* Advanced Port Scanner
Remember the IP addressas he is available on Facebook, SkypeWindows Live Messenger, and more 

How to hack a computer with IP address only

1) Prepare the IP address of the victim(e.g.

2) Download and install Advanced Port Scanner.

3) Open Port Scanner Advanced and enter the IP address in the right columnandthen click Scan.

4) It lists all the open ports of the victim PC or router(example: port 21)

5) On receipt of the IP address, open ports of the victimopen the Command Prompt(CMD)

and typetelnet [IP address] [PORT]

for example: telnet 21
6) Now you will be on login informationuser name and password just type and pressto enter.

If there is no password just enter your user name.

Done! Now you have access to all files and documents Victim navigate with CMD (cduse, copy, deletemv  all things.😉

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