Inject Payload in any file

Inject Payload in any file

In this article, I will show you how to inject a payloads of .exe into other files. Hope it will bring you a useful knowledge.

Hello friends…
If you want to learn something, you will have to work very
hard for it. Can not learn any work easily. Computer itself is very big
world. It is impossible to learn it completely. Only you can learn some
part of it.
You will fınd many tools and courses for hacking on the net for free.
Many friends asked me how to hack android by jpg?
For information, tell us that Android cannot be hacked by JPG or PDF
T have told you this many times before. Because Android is an open-
source project. It is constantly updated. The forestality that comes in it is patched before coming to the market.

So it is difficult to hack ndroid is easily hacked by RAT. Most hackers use RAT to hack
Android. If someone tells you that he can hack Android through JPG
or PDF, he will charge $ 50 for it.

So he is cheating on you.
It is also not that Android has never been hacked by JPG or PDF.

If you find many old exploits of your Android and Windows in Metasploit, then work on the old ersion.

“For information, let me tell that up to 4.1
version of Android can also be hacked through
SMS. An exploit is stagefright by which an MP4
file was created and sent via SMS to the
target’s phone. As soon as the target played the
file, the entire control of the target’s phone was
in the hands of the hackers.”

Today, I have brought a similar Windows tool for you to convert
Payload into JPG, PDF, MP4 etc.
This file looks just like JPG or PDF, not an original JPG or PDF. This
tool changes the file’s extension using Windows’s drawback.

How to use?

It is very easy to use. Download the tool given below link.
Then create a payload from any RAT or Metasploit. After creating Payload, open
this tool.
Click on open file, select Payload and select any file icon.

Then click on generate. Your file is ready, send it to your target.

As soon as your target runs this file on its system its entire system will come into your

I hope you Don’t misuse this tool..!

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